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Tuesday, March 31, 2009;Tuesday, March 31, 2009
I've deleted all my previous post since i dont want to read or even take a look at it anymore. I dont want to remember anything that was stated here ,as these memorises kept pulling me back from moving on. Too much has happened and it just makes me weaker each day. "Friends" are no longer found in my dictionary as all "Friends" are just useless. One by one ,they just walk away without noticing that you were around. I know that everyone is different, each of us has our own opinion ,each of us is brought up differently ,each of us has different state of mind. I'm just speechless. This whole thing is getting to far beyond. The ones that were there for me, through night and day, left me with a blink of an eye. The ones who listened to my crys ,dont even care anymore.
Whats left in this world? say me bitch ,say me whatever you want ; you are not any better .

ps:The day after Tomorrow, remember. (':
Yuu, for short.
I laugh, cry & smilee.
Im loud & partially retarded :B
I have amazing retards in my life that makes me laugh everyday :D


Sweet escapes.


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