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Tuesday, March 30, 2010;Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heyy there guys. ^^ this blog is pathetically dead. =.= dusty nak maz aye. Hahah anyway, im currently doing the e-learning thingy. hahah! peh semgt . Hmm . many things had happened since th last time i blogged. MANY ^^ So, where should I start? .
Camp(3-5 March): Was fun as expected. Never actually knew 301 could be soo, hyper. XD
Sports day(10march):one word, HAH. kay next.
Cross-country(26 March): *Ehem. Heh. uhm, I couldnt run, fullstop. I had terrible stomach cramp and pain. heh. so, i could've done better. (atw, perut bunyi-bunyi) XD

That's th only thing i could remember. STM laa katekan. Hmm, life has been funny and amusing these days (finally not indicating life is shit) like, seriously. My days are filled up with laughters and amusements. hee. like th way atikah smell people, th way diana stare, th way damien is annoying ^^, th way i find dorothea friendly(haha), th way i find new routes to go home, th way me and syaf was so hyper at camp: alek teros senyap. good girls namenyer tu, bukan ape.. :D th way how 301 could communicate so well at camp, th way kelvin is shit, andrew is shitter. th way i finally get on track. ^^ HAHAA, now these are just jokes kayy, takmu take it to th heart. heheh. OWH! did i freaking mention i have to attend the Morning Fitness Programme? =.= WTH, WTF.

I was like " CHER! I FAT AH? WHY MUST GO ONE!! *irritating voice.
then Mdm Khor was like *starring up and down. I dont think you fat lah. you underweight.
M: Cher, they blind ah cher! i average what =.= what they wann
MK: Maybe you ran fast? They want train you or maybe you are too fast.
M:What kind of conclusion is that ?!
You see now, so. Im not overweight or underweight so what? =.= im pathetically 7kg to becoming overweight and 5kg to becoming underweight. (ignore me) HMPH! Geraaaam jeeee. hmph.
owh yahh(geram seminute je), friday is 2nd of april *eyebrow upup. wahhhhhhh! XD lamer lamer, bgus bgus. HAHAHAAH. And seb's bdayy's on 1st april. Ytd had Eng Oral, was OKEYH. haha! k, muax.
Yuu, for short.
I laugh, cry & smilee.
Im loud & partially retarded :B
I have amazing retards in my life that makes me laugh everyday :D


Sweet escapes.


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