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Sunday, February 28, 2010;Sunday, February 28, 2010
Oh hello :D Well, im feeling much frankly better now. I feel, BETTER :D Haha, okeyhokeyh. Uhm, had tiring weekends as I went for rewang and stuffs le =.=" & Yay, this week is IP Weeeeek! I'll be away for Camp to Pulau Ubin from 3rd - 5th March. SO, if you have anything to tell me, please tell before 3rd March 7am. (: Hehehh! okeyh, uhm well. Should I write something else?

On th 23rd, Feb.
I finally got th truth. Which as expected.

Good Side Of Me:
I understand how you feel, I've felt what you felt.
But the lest you could do, was to tell me the truth,
if you really ever did love me.
I appreciate those times though,
I hope you wont forget what we've been through.
What we said to each other.
And if I move on,
I wont forget you.

Bad Side Of Me:
Fakyo, Fakyo, Fakyo.
You hurt me so deeply.
So much that I think Sorry wont cure.
You only think about your own selfishness.
& never think what your reaction would do to others.
I hate you so much!
So much I dont even see you again,
not even want to hear a single fking thing about you.
I wont hestitate to move on at all.
Cos staying is just useless, useless.
Idiot =.=" you and your excuses.

Overall, i think he, dont deserve to be loved. I should move on and stop crying over split milk. Cos i've been hurt enuf. yeahhh, im strong now. Accept whatever fact that comes along the way, and accept well. And you'll be fine ^^ I've not interacting well with Hanaffi & Izahan these days. We dont even talk 0.o that explains. ^^ So, okeyh. I shall end my words here.

As for you,
Thankyou. & goodbye.
(im sure these doesnt hurt you ,
i bet you are grinning reading this.)
Just in case you dont know what grinning is,
its: smiliomg like hell.

k, muax buhbye. (:
Saturday, February 20, 2010;Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hi everyone ! Im zyzychaK ! Hidayu's FAV GIRL ! Get meehh' biatch, fav girl.
So so so , my point here is dont you dare upset her!! GRR !!! *POKES NOSE*
Okay so, lets just not let any mental cells act here. Well, unfortunately, Hidayu has been having some very lunatic insticts hanging from all sorts of places, thanks to SOMEONE *coughcough*

& Btw, why isnt Facebook co-operating here? Eyeee -.- Okok so, yah. Tak tau ape nk cakap lagi. Take care peeople, drop by my blog okay (:


Friday, February 19, 2010;Friday, February 19, 2010

Owhkey. HELLO. uhm firstly, I would want to describe how tragic today was =.= uhmmmm, went to skool alone cos Naz was TIRED. Then in skool, during reading period, i found out i got mental problem. Like seriously *LOL . My class won the total defence thingy; i dont care. I skipped CCA as i was SICK. Went home, I vent my anger on the sidewalk like an escape mental patient =.= like seiously * LOL. THEN, around 6plus, Aunty barged into th room and shooed us out to do something. We were from Ubi, to Bedok inter, then take MRT to Paya Lebar for god knows what. and we're freaking tired. uhmmm* LOL.

This is a conversation between me and naz.
NAZ: Well _ _ _, has the Brain and the Looks. Who wouldnt want him?
AYU: *silence. But does he have the Heart? * eyebrow upup

*LOL. You know what. I dont care kay I dont care. This whole thingy thingy is making me insane! cmon now. No? *ghdyetgdheb. NO? Omfg, time is flying by sooo fast. Or izzit me? okey. Guess what. You haywired me idiot. I miss you fucking lot and this is happening to me. right? & what youre doing THERE? just munching on crackers and watching movie somewhere with another idiot. You didnt even bother to ask how am i or something. No? LOL while im here wondering have you eaten or not, are u okey, are u fine, are u sick, are u safe, what happened to u lately, have u grown(?), are coping with studies, hows ur DAYS have been. SO, do you still care? ):
Friday, February 12, 2010;Friday, February 12, 2010
Yo people. HAH. So, uhmmmmm. Skool's been terribly crucial this week. I should admit. I've been having sugar rushh everynow and then due to too much consumption of chocolate and peachtea =.= CNY celebration was pathetically boring except fr th malaydance performance. I kindda enjoy it. HAH. Well, I've got 4days to take my mind off from skool, i guess. Ihsan txtd me up whether i want to lek2 tmr (?). And on Valentines Day I'll be home while Naz most probably will be going out ;DD sedih cite. HAHAHA. Then on Monday gg out with Shema, Khalisah thy all. Followed by Tuesday, gg out with Faiz thy all *i hope so nothing gets in our way* uhmm, what else? errr, uhm. hmmk. Well, no else should I talk about? uhm, bleahh. okay.
Friday, February 5, 2010;Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh today is simply a disaster somehow. Hmm, so. School carried on as usual. After school, met Naz, Shamo & Prav. Walked to Inter with Arhaizal. Then go Mc eat. It was fun hanging out with them though Lol =.= So, After that went to Town. Met Fam and yah. So, uhm. Came back, Open the bedroom door, and smell shit ^^ CAT SHIT. Looked around, didnt saw anyth; it was on the bed =.= and my precious favourite pillow =.= ahhahhh * Crys. Oh okeyh, that's shit enuf for me. Clean the bed, pillow and stuffs. pfft =.= And now I just visited a web, I read something and, Im cursing every single thing im doing in the Comp. This is crucial. Yah so, I texted Faiz Farid and asked whether we should gather and mit up on 13th. Uhm, yahh. Like that lorr =.=


You toyed with my feelings, Fakyo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010;Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Ohkeyh, so. Im currently bored now. Hahas, some pictures of CIP thingy just now. Decorating class for CNY. bleahhh =.= Hmm, school planned good interesting stuffs this yr, Sec3 camp to Pulau Ubin, Malay Trip to Jogya(idk what it is called, somewhere in Indonesia) XD HAHAHA. okay, this is crappy. ^^

When a gunting drops, cover your most fragile part XD

This is what happens when you make someone whom broke his leg gets unhappy: they unwrapped the bandage XD
Monday, February 1, 2010;Monday, February 01, 2010

"Hello, please recylce me. THANKYOU. HEHE!"
Obviously, I was superduper bored at the end of the lesson waiting for recess. So, I did this. ^^ Hahas Diana didnt attend skool today so yahh. Another pathetic lame day for me i guess. Along the way to Art class, I help comforting Andrew to hop hop and hop! even though he sprained his leg. HAHAHA evil kan? ^^ Physics lesson was fun, right? XD talked about stuffs that should not be talked about.
"yes, one very good example. hidayu's answer is WRONG." *teacher grins.
Heh hehs. Well, I thought it was the correct answer. But i Repharse it wrongly. Anw, laughed my ass off with Andrew, Kelvin & Gayatri. Inilah, mase-mase TERhyper. XD Somesort of walked home with Arhaizal. =.= but went separate ways somewhere le =.= He very funny le =.= I dont know what else to say le =.= *grins. Then Fadil Bestf called me and talked kejapp. Cos my ppd low and cant talk longlong. I'll be calling him again later on though. HAHA i've been neglecting my bestfs huh? Evil cruel me. LOL =.=
Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh, its 1February~ you know that i know that we all know that some people dont know what it means XD Also,
Happy 3rdMonth Anniversary to my Dearest **** HAH HAH HAH =.=
Crucial XD uhm, Andandand to Ashaa also (: Hahas okeyh then. wouldnt want to carry on my crap. Untill then babys. ^^
Yuu, for short.
I laugh, cry & smilee.
Im loud & partially retarded :B
I have amazing retards in my life that makes me laugh everyday :D


Sweet escapes.


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