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Sunday, April 18, 2010;Sunday, April 18, 2010
I feel like im playing a game.
I feel like i'm the victim.
I feel that i've lost.
Cos you caught my heart.

When will you finally realise what i feel?
): iloveyou, twenty5.
;Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey! HAH, long time never update bloggy. So, hmm. On 16th, Friday, went to Jurong Stadium to just meet the rest. Met Humaidi first, then headed our way. So, I went inside, and apparently, noone notice it saw me =.= like, WTH kan. hahaha. Example one:

Humaidi: EH FAHMI.
Fahmi: EH!
shakes hand* ignores ayu*
Fahmi walks up the stairs.
Ayu: WOI. WEY. EXCUSE ME.*grins.

=.= So yeahh. Many didnt notice me, I also dont know why. Then met Faiz, he ajak go up. Then sat with blue house since i wanted to blend in ^^ With Mimiee, Firman and all those people. Then saw Romeo! :D I missed him alt uh. HAHAH. As irritating. as ever eh we. LOL, okay. enuf about that. ^^
Uhm, exam's nearing and i cant even stuck atleast 5 maths formula in my brain =.= bleahhh le. hahaha! so, must study SMART from now and will be less playing comp. Heh (:
Another thing, I'll be going to Wuhan, China for 10 days from 26May to 4June. :D So, dont forget to miss me ehh. LOL.
Yuu, for short.
I laugh, cry & smilee.
Im loud & partially retarded :B
I have amazing retards in my life that makes me laugh everyday :D


Sweet escapes.


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